EDSA PEOPLE POWER I as told through Facebook
August 31, 1983
Cory Aquino invited you.
Ninoy's funeral
Today 4 pm
1,226,714 people are attending
November 3, 1985
Ferdinand Marcos Still at the top, baby. Still in control. Martial law rocks!
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US of A are you sure about that bro?
Ferdinand Marcos Sure I’m sure.
US of A Positive?
Ferdinand Marcos I. AM. IN. CONTROL.
Us of A Weh?
Ferdinand Marcos FINE! I’ll hold a snap election to prove to you guys that the Filipino people <3 martial law.
December 1, 1985
Joaquin Roces I think Cory is our best bet for President in the coming snap elections. Please support the CAPM (Corazon Aquino for President Movement) and let’s be rid of this tyranny once and for all.
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Ferdinand Marcos LOL! Seriously? A housewife? Against me?
Imelda Marcos And OMG her fashion sense!
December 3, 1985
Cory Aquino It was a difficult decision. But I have made up my mind. Dapat ituloy ang laban ni Ninoy. I am running for President of the RP.
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Joaquin Roces super like!
Ferdinand Marcos ROFLMAO! This is an even bigger joke than Salvador Laurel running for President.
Salvador Laurel I’m going to be Mrs. Aquino’s running mate, Mr. President.
Ferdinand Marcos Whatevs. See you on election day.
December 15, 1985
Cory Aquino Getting jittery here at Liwasang Bonifacio. In a few minutes, the UNIDO will proclaim me and Salvador Laurel as their official candidates for president & VP. Pray for us.
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Ferdinand Marcos Boo! Wala yaaaan!
Imelda Marcos Eeewww
Fabian Ver I’m watching you two.
Ferdinand Marcos Has chosen former senator Arturo Tolentino as his running mate.
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Salvador Laurel It’s on.
Ferdinand Marcos Oh it is SO on...til the break of dawn!
February 4, 1986
Cory Aquino invited you.
Miting de Avance
Today 7 pm
357,493 people are attending
February 7, 1986 - Election Day
COMELEC invited you.
Election Day
Today 7 am
20,156,651 people are attending
Ferdinand Marcos This is it. Everybody get out there and vote (or else).
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Cory Aquino There are widespread reports of fraud, ballot box snatching, vote-buying, and intimidation. If you have experienced any of these please let me know.
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Cory Aquino There seems to be something wrong with my FB account, the comments are being automatically deleted.
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COMELEC our latest tally results show that Pres. Marcos is enjoying a comfortable lead against Mrs. Aquino.
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NAMFREL Bakit ganon? Our tally shows that Mrs. Aquino is in the lead.
COMELEC uhm...*whistles*
February 9, 1986
COMELEC 30 of our computer workers tallying the election results just walked out of the PICC.
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NAMFREL well, duh.
February 15, 1986
Ferdinand Marcos was proclaimed the winner of the snap presidential elections! So what if opposition assemblymen walked out of the proceedings? I’m still the winner.
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February 16, 1986
Cory Aquino I’m here at the Luneta Grandstand for our rally “Tagumpay ng Bayan”. We’re calling for civil disobedience and the boycott of all companies and products owned by Marcos Cronies. We need your support.
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February 22, 1986 (DAY 1)
Fabian Ver my son Col. Irwin Ver informed me that members of RAM (Reform the Armed Forces Movement) are planning a coup. They plan to storm Malacañang at around 2am and declare Juan Ponce Enrilñe as head of a ruling junta. Sorry guys...HULI KAYO! Thanks for the tip Maj. Edgardo Doromal!
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Juan Ponce Enrile Lintek! Buking!
Gringo Honasan traydor ka, Doromal! Akala ko mapapagkatiwalaan ka namin.
Ferdinand Marcos PWNED!
Fabian Ver Boss, I’ll PM you the details.
Gringo Honasan Fan Page
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Ferdinand Marcos Just gave the order to round up members of this “RAM” group. Apparently they were planning a coup. LOL! My house, baby, my rules. Sorry guys...better luck next time.
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Fabian Ver Consider them “rounded up”, sir.
Juan Ponce Enrile uh-oh.
Imelda Marcos I just love it when you get bossy. <3
Ferdinand Marcos @Imelda: *winks*
Juan Ponce Enrile is gonna need some help or else Ferdinand Marcos is gonna have his head for breakfast today. Fidel V. Ramos, Jaime Cardinal Sin.
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Ferdinand Marcos oh yeah. i’m gonna crush you and sprinkle you over my champorado!
Jaime Cardinal Sin I will help you, my son...wait lang.
Fidel V. Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile announce our withdrawal of support for President Ferdinand Marcos. We have less than 500 soldiers, no air support, no armored vehicles, and no heavy artillery. We are barricading ourselves in Camp Aguinaldo and we are calling for the President’s resignation.
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Ferdinand Marcos what? so you guys can lord it over? i’m staying put. you two are going to jail.
Juan Ponce Enrile FYI lang, we are not out to seize power. We will relinquish command to the rightfully elected President,
Fabian Ver di nga?
Cory Aquino what? really??
Fidel V. Ramos yes, Mrs. Aquino. we’re serious.
Jaime Cardinal Sin is broadcasting over Radio Veritas. i’m appealing to the Filipino people to send food and moral support to the heroic troops taking a stand at Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Crame.
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Fabian Ver Brig. Gen. Fidel Singson, you are ordered to DESTROY Radio Veritas. Now na!
Brig. Gen. Fidel Singson Sir yes sir! Men, move out!
Fabian Ver Brig. Gen. Fidel Singson, why is Radio Veritas still on the air?
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Brig. Gen. Fidel Singson troops deployed, sir. But...uhm...sorry but we changed our minds.
Brig. Gen. Fidel SingsonMy troops and I are declaring our support for Gen. Fidel V. Ramos and Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile.
Fabian Ver WHAT?!?
Juan Ponce Enrile chain of command FAIL!
Nora Aunor is joining some nuns and members of Bandila, we are forming a human barricade around Camp Crame. Hi to my fans!
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Fidel V. Ramos ate guy, akala ko ba walang himala?
Nora Aunor meron na ngayon.
Juan Ponce Enrile wait lang, labas ako. pa-autograph.
Imelda Marcos balimbing much?
Lt. Col. Jerry Albano and Security and Escort Battalion removed Ferdinand Marcos from their friend list.
February 23, 1986 (DAY 2)
Jaime Cardinal Sin is still broadcasting over Radio Veritas. Our transmitter in Bulacan has been destroyed by loyalist troops so our reach is limited to Luzon only. Thank you to the thousands of people who are now in Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo to support our heroic troops.
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Maj. Gen. Prospero Olivas we estimate that there are 300,000-400,000 rebel supporters around Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo. They are armed only with rosaries and images of the blessed virgin. Our forces are unable to disperse the crowd.
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Fabian Ver are you kidding me? you are heavily armed and you can’t disperse a bunch of praying civilians?? you should call for army backup.
Maj. Gen. Prospero Olivas i’m sorry sir but i can’t place all these people in harm’s way.
Ferdinand Marcos pasaway ka, Maj. Gen. Prospero Olivas! buti pa si Metropolitan Police Chief Alfredo Lim, sumusunod sa mga utos.
Alfredo Lim actually, sir...I agree with Olivas. We can’t put all these civilians in danger.
Ferdinand Marcos fine! magsama-sama kayo sa kulungan.
Cory Aquino just got back from Cebu and I’m going straight to my sister’s place in Greenhills. I am calling for more Filipinos to please support the rebel soldiers. I am also calling for President Ferdinand Marcos’ resignation before there is any bloodshed.
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Gringo Honasan this afternoon, the crowd at EDSA stopped a large marine unit armed with tanks and high powered firearms with rosaries, crucifixes, and flowers. Some of the girls are cute.
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Juan Ponce Enrile is going to move my forces to Camp Crame to join Fidel V. Ramos. The people in EDSA are linking arms to create a protective chain around us as we cross over. Thank you for your bravery.
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Fidel V. Ramos see you when you guys get here.
Ferdinand Marcos good. it’s easier to smoke out rats when they’re in the same rat hole.
Pope John Paul II Ferdinand Marcos I hope you find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. God bless.
Ferdinand Marcos uh...yes, father. i’ll try my best. tnx.
Brig. Gen. Tomas Manlongat and Brig. Gen. Renato de Villa have removed Ferdinand Marcos from their friend list.
June Keithley is signing in for Radio Bandido. We are broadcasting from a secret location. We’ll continue bringing you the news as it happens...or until they find out where we’re holed up. :)
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February 24, 1986 (DAY 3)
Gringo Honasan nuns and priests at EDSA have (again) successfully repelled the armored personnel carriers sent by the palace. While crossing over to Crame, someone threw a panty at me.
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Fabian Ver stop hiding behind nuns and answer for your crimes, traitors.
US of A Ferdinand Marcos time is up.
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Ferdinand Marcos We'll wipe them out. It is obvious they are committing rebellion.
Fabian Ver I am ordering the AFP to attack the rebel soldiers in EDSA. Utilize our gun ships, fighter jets, marine artillery, and tear gas to restore order.
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Maj. Gen. Josephus Ramas the AFP has recaptured the Logistics Command in Camp Aguinaldo.
Ferdinand Marcos don’t let up. Take Camp Crame too.
Maj. Gen. Josephus Ramas tear gas has been deployed on Santolan Road, our forces are moving in to take the Aguinaldo golf course across from Crame.
Ferdinand Marcos call in air support and destroy those traitors.
Col. Antonio Sotelo the 15th Air Force Strike Wing is joining forces with Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel V. Ramos. We are taking with us 7 fully armed helicopter gunships.
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Ferdinand Marcos well, that’s just wonderful.
Ferdinand Marcos that’s it! I’ve had enough. I’m lifting the “maximum tolerance” policy and I’m declaring a nationwide state of emergency on TV.
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Ferdinand Marcos WTF happened to my press conference? We were broadcasting and I suddenly got cut-off!
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Col. Mariano Santiago my team of “rebel” soldiers took control of channel 4 a few minutes ago, sir.
Ferdinand Marcos these rebel helicopters just fired on Malacañang! This is treason!
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Juan Ponce Enrile also, they just destroyed your grounded helicopter gunships at Villamor Air Base.
Fidel V. Ramos PWNED!
Cory Aquino is going to give a brief pep talk to the brave citizens who are still in EDSA supporting the troops in Camp Crame. Sana hindi bumagsak itong makeshift stage na ginawa nila sa POEA.
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Ferdinand Marcos meh.
Imelda Marcos it’s called a speech, dear. You’re so baduy talaga.
US of A we are publicly calling for the resignation of President Ferdinand Marcos. Also, we’re endorsing a provisional government led by Cory Aquino. Why are we meddling in Filipino affairs? Well, because...U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
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Ferdinand Marcos what?!? Don’t endorse her! I’ve got it all under control. In fact, I’m going to be inaugurated tomorrow.
Ret. Gen. Guillermo Picache and Maj. Francisco Baula Jr. + the entire 5th Fighter Wing at Basa Air Base in Pampanga removed Ferdinand Marcos from their friend list.
February 25, 1986 (DAY 4)
Cory Aquino just took my oath of office before Supreme Court Justice Claudio Teehankee here in Club Filipino in Greenhills. The ceremony was very simple but it was very emotional, people started singing “Bayan ko”.
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Fidel V. Ramos now the real work begins, Madame President. Congratulations.
Cory Aquino thank you. I am so happy that Ninoy did not die in vain.
Juan Ponce Enrile gusto ko happy ka!
Ferdinand Marcos was just inaugurated IN MALACAÑANG PALACE. The ceremony was even TELEVISED. My loyal supporters cheered me on. I am the REAL DEAL. Di tulad ng iba jan.
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Fidel V. Ramos sorry “Mr. President”, but we disabled channels 2, 9 and 13 just as you were raising your hand to take your oath. So no, your inauguration was not completely televised.
Ferdinand Marcos +*#$%@^%@ naman o! hassle kayo eh!
Juan Ponce Enrile pano ka ngayon? dun-dun-DUUNNNNN!
US of A Ferdinand Marcos It’s time to cut and cut cleanly.
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Ferdinand Marcos I brought order and progress to this country. I needed to govern with an iron fist. Put yourself in my shoes, how can I just leave all this behind?
Imelda Marcos did someone say shoes? ;)
Ferdinand Marcos is leaving for Clark, then Guam. Next stop: Hawaii.
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Noynoy Aquino wow, presidente na ang mama ko. sigurado makakahanap na ko ng asawa bago ako mag 30. *fist pump*
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Bongbong Marcos will miss his mom's Palace disco parties. XC
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